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The Dyeing Dart Frog

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The Dyeing Dart Frog is a staged, then strolling, street show combining masks, actors, musicians, giant puppets and sculptures. A fantastic ballet of childhood laughter and fears plays out around a frog who has settled in at his therapist’s to confide his memories. As much Little Nemo by Winsor Mac Kay as certain Surrealist works, The Dyeing Dart Frog is an opportunity to reflect together about imaginary things such as fear, but also about folk cultures and their creations intended to terrify and delight children.
We watch a bedroom plummet into a public space, and around it, a burlesque taming of a cohort of poetic chimeras.

Consultation © Clèmence René-Bazin

See also the page devoted to the creation of the performance at the Théâtre Romain Rolland de Villejuif.