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Mixed Identities

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Mixed Identities is a strolling street show project including several workshops along the way of its creation.

Convinced that, without others, we are no-one, the Grandes Personnes want to celebrate the exchanges brought about by even the most fleeting encounters. Mixed Identities, a visual and choreographic strolling street show, will use the manipulation of photo modules to form masks, giant puppets over three meters tall or even carnival floats. Inspired by collage, the process is however more kinetic and dynamic, since the elements making up the faces and bodies, affixed to banners, placards, signs or shields, can be freely moved, repositioned, exchanged, within a developing choreography. Thus, it is possible as for Les Yeux de la tête (2015-2016), the first attempt of its genre, to exchange the frown of an eyebrow, share a smile, give a glance, slip a wink or catch a contagious laugh.

The continually expanding stock of eyes, mouths, noses and ears, based on iconographic research and photographic series by Sophie Madigand, is itself a celebration of diversity.

Photo : Sophie Madigand

A first Mixed Identities workshop, led by Matisse Wessels and Quentin Blondel, assisted by Clémence Minot, was held in Aubervilliers, a city rich with nearly 108 nationalities, in the schools of J. J. Rousseau, F. Dolto, and the Maison pour Tous B. Albrecht. Teachers and group leaders participated in a training session that continued with open workshops at the Villa Mais d’Ici, on Wednesdays. It culminated with a city parade on 1 July 2017, avenue de la République, starting at 11am.
The many possibilities offered by the programme continue to be explored.

Project supported by the City of Aubervilliers and the Région Ile-de-France