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Monique and Jeannot - Madagascar

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Association Zolobe
6 rue Imhaus, Diego/S 201 Madagascar
Tel: 032 04 931 81/ 032 02 358 15
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La compagnie Zolobe de Diego Suarez presents Monique and Jeannot :

In May 2008, during the 2nd edition of the Zegny’zo festival, thanks to our encounter with Laurent Dupuy who put us in contact with the company Les Grandes Personnes, they came tumbling in among the ZOLOBE (pronounced Zulubé) in Diego Suarez, Madagascar, our home.
Note that the Cie Zolobe has been “making” bush theatre since 2002 and organised the Zegny’zo festival, the first Street Arts festival in Madagascar, in 2007.

This meeting was born from the generosity and sprit of adventure brought by the company, Les Grandes Personnes of Aubervilliers and a “play on words”…
In fact, en Malagasy, “OLO BE” (pronounced ulu bé) means “Big person”, “Adult”… the Z adds a “zulu” side, a childish “boo-boo” cry to the overly serious adult.
The Z’adults meet the giant puppets and voilà!
We knew we had some things in common…

Photo © Pierrot Men - Diego Suarez 2010

Monique, whose shapely body was created by our favourite metalworker in Diego Suarez (Mr Manitra, an awesome and talented engineer) thanks to plans provided by Sarah and Clodmô, whose face is the spitting image of our magnificent actress (Armandine, sadly exiled today), whose makeup was done by a wonderful painter, (the fantastic Yasmine de Tana), whose costume bears the signature of a great couturier (the famous Mme Isabelle), … came to life … and received a soul and a story thanks to the Zolobe company, accustomed to inventing stories.

In short, in an absolutely beautiful collective production, Monique became the star of the streets of the port city of Diego, and this in spite of the competition, since there are so many beautiful girls in our city…

After having roamed the city neighbourhoods with the Zolobe company in search of a husband worthy of her, she finally found love.

Indeed, in 2009, she met Jeannot, at Réunion Island during the Tempo festival at St Leu.

He is good-looking and it was inevitable that should they fall head over heels for one another. The wedding took place in Diego. Photos to prove it!

Monique et Jeannot toured with the Zolobe actors for their performances all year long: they travelled from Nosy be to Tsihombe (extreme south of Mada).

Photo : © Pierrot Men - Parade en 2010 à Diego

On the 1st of April 2010, Jao Zo, their son, came to life…
Pierrot Men, the famous photographer, captured the event on paper in May 2010.
The festival Zegny’zo 2010 was then dedicated to childhood.

Unfortunately, to this date the child, Jao Zo, is not yet registered at city hall…
What’s behind this forgetfulness, this delay ????
In 2018, what has become of this child ??? Is Jao Zo really the son of Jeannot ? Could a South African football player met in Reunion be the boy’s father ????
The Cie Zolobe is the bearer of this saga which has the whole town talking…

A family reunion is called for!! Good timing. Zegny’zo will be 8 years old in April and the festival in Diego is in May.