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The Giants of Tuléar - Madagascar

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ONG Bel Avenir
C/O Cinéma Tropic
Boulevard Gallieni
Tel: (00 261 20) 94 438 42
Email: belavenir at

In January 2015, young people from the Art and Music Centre of the NGO Bel Avenir of Tuléar attended a training course on the manipulation and fabrication of giant puppets, led by Fleur Marie Fuentes, Nicolas Vuillier, and Christophe Evette, three puppeteers from Les Grandes Personnes association.

The NGO Bel Avenir encourages development through education. Active in several cities of southern Madagascar, it intervenes in various fields, especially in cultural and environmental education.

This workshop, which was held at the Art & Music Centre, the former Tropic de Tuléar cinema, reached some thirty young adults. It made it possible to recycle discarded cartons, old newspapers and used bottles. The three giant puppets and masks that were made have since joined the artistic groups of the centre. This new group dubbed “The Giants of Tuléar”, is composed of old Rakoto, the great Hanta and the little Nirina.

With the participation of:
Andry Henrimine
Randrianasolo Nelson Cédric
Abdalah Rabenasolo
Andriamanalina Onja
Arsene Tseleha
Arson Tolojanahary Lahiniriko Mariella
Christelline Fanampitsoa
Dauphin Laury Ramanahendry
Didier Ignace Andrianony
Didier Loïc Razafimandimby Désiré
Dina Toky Andriamparany
Florette Tokiniaina
Franciah Nomenjanahary Marie Jennie
François Heriniaina Nomenjanahary
Gaetan Randrianantenaina
Gayara Angelo
Georgiah Mahasaro
Hasina Velosoa
Honoré Ravelo Jean Marie
Hortence Renorovelo
Jonathan Richard Andric
Lalaniaina Anastasie Rochie
Lucienne Velosoa
Odilon Rebika Kababalahy Gilbert
Ornella Fidizafinandrasana Marcelline
Parfait Edward
Raherimanana André Patrick
Ramilamanana Tsilavina Rody
Randrianasolo Copy Bernard
Sandrine Dauphine Harivololona
Stephanie Natolonjanahary
Vonjisoa Jean de Dieu Flavien
Sandra Edwige
Rasoanirina Cecilia
Tahinjanahary Marovavy Tahina
Zafindremanao Say Cynthia
Randriamasinotiavina Rija

Project coordination:
Nantenaina Razafinjohany